Commercial Remediation / Environmental / Project Manager

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Philadelphia, PA
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Direct Hire
Bachelor, Bachelor of Science
Feb 14, 2017
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The Project Manager will support a well-established, growing office, with a focus on commercial remediation, particularly emphasis on pharmaceutical plants, and other manufacturing facilities.

Perform a wide oversight of technical, scientific, and engineering team members.

The Project Manager will contribute to proposal and business development opportunities; maintain good working relationships with manufacturing personnel at various levels; and manage remediation projects. 

  • Possess a B.S. or M.S. in a related field (i.e., planning, environmental studies, or a closely related discipline)
  • Have 5-10 years of professional commercial remediation experience. This experience should include pharmaceutical and other manufacturing plants.
  • The ability to handle multiple tasks, coordinate effectively with others, and work independently within a team are important characteristics for this position
  • Must be able to research and interpret federal, state and local regulations on a project-specific basis to assess project permitting feasibility and requirements, and interface with regulatory agencies
  • Must coordinate with junior, mid-level and senior professionals in support of the preparation of proposals, environmental reports and permit applications through collection, management and analysis of environmental data and information
  • Technical inquisitiveness, a positive attitude, and an ability to work well in teams are essential
  • This role will involve regulatory reviews and preparation of local, state and federal permit applications, resource analysis, agency consultation, and public outreach
  • Must have a strong interest and commitment to the field, be able to demonstrate past success in managing commercial remediation projects of this type, and working within a group and independently to perform projects and help grow the business
  • Qualified candidates must have a working understanding of system planning and engineering aspects of manufacturing facilities, and excellent client and public communication skills

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