Subsea / Submarine Cable Planner

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Boston, MA
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Direct Hire
Bachelor of Science
Sep 21, 2017
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The Subsea Cable Planner will support the offshore team, specifically the subsea cable sector.
MAIN DUTIES              

• Work with current staff in support of the preparation of proposals, planning, design, and engineering of subsea cable solutions to address unique customer requirements, development of environmental reports and permit applications through the collection, management and analysis of environmental data and information for a range of new energy, transmission, and telecommunications projects
• Assist with cable siting and planning using a variety of software suites (ESRI, MAKAI etc)
• GIS, data, and documentation management
• Research and interpret federal, state and local regulations on a project-specific basis to assess project permitting feasibility and requirements
• Written, telephone and in-person communication with internal technical experts, regulatory agencies, clients and others to facilitate project goals
• Serve as a Deputy Project Manager and Project Manager on a variety of projects in various locations
• B.S. or MBA in a pertinent field of engineering or science, or have had the field experience to supplant this requirement
• Dual degrees are a plus; offshore industry experience of any sort is a plus.
• Solid, practical skills in Microsoft Office applications (spreadsheet (Excel), word processing (Word), GIS (ESRI) and scheduling (Project)
• Must have at least 2 years direct experience in the submarine telecommunication and/ or electrical transmission cable sectors or a directly related field.
• Expertise/degree in marine geology, marine fisheries science, oceanography, geophysical and or geotechnical survey all desirable
•Technical inquisitiveness, problem solving skills, a positive attitude, and the ability to work well in teams are essential.
• This unique role will include on-the-job training and requires a candidate with an appetite for a technical learning.
• Excellent written & verbal communication skills and an eye for detail are required.

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